Soladis, new partner of the DayOne initiative

DayOne is an initiative managed by in close collaboration with the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Gathering a core team with representatives from across industry, academia, healthcare providers and support services, the initiative aims at developing the sector of precision medicine, with a strong motto “Create a world leading precision medicine hub respected for its impact and collaboration across silos.”

Initiated Launched in 2017, the DayOne is organized around three main activities:

  • The organization of a Conference (an annual event focusing on co-creating the future of health)
  • The animation of expert events on topics of interest with a focus on workshops and networking. A concept around a deep dive on topics of interest such as Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare with selected experts from the network  is under development.  The expert group and core team also give advice to Basel Stadt and Handelskammer Beider Basel on the topic of Life Science and Innovation.
  • The management of a “Lab”, to support collaborative projects with access to experts and infrastructure including physical space when needed.

In 2018, Soladis GmbH became a partner of the initiave. By joining the DayOne, we reinforced our presence in the incubator : during the events as participants and speakers, and within the lab, to provide advices in statistics, biostatistics, data science to incubated members through our local experts.

A great project we are proud to be part of and contribute to !

Soladis Group

Soladis GmbH - Switzerland
Lange Gasse 15
CH-4052 Basel
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Soladis - France
6-8 rue Bellecombe
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Soladis Inc. - USA
185 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Unit 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1100
Phone: (+1)347.417.4008

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