A few words about Soladis’ arrival in Switzerland

The managing director of Soladis GmbH, Olivier Schwartz, provides his feedback on the creation of the subsidiary in switzerland, and  the support of Swiss Business Hub in this international development project !

Soladis : an international development

« Soladis is a research and consulting company specializing in the management of data-related projects, more precisely in data mining of our partners. Our firm is made up of four business units*: Soladis Statistics specialized in statistical methodology and data analysis, Soladis Clinical Studies focused on medical expertise and clinical management, Soladis Digital concentrated on machine learning and Big Data, and Soladis Connect more directed towards connected objects and IoT.

We choose to establish in Switzerland to have access to the Swiss industrial network composed of leading large companies, but also of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are very fond of innovation and research and development with which we built different types of partnerships.

Moreover our establishment on the Swiss market allowed us to access poles of expertise, individuals and new skills which helped us to add value to our interventions and to have a greater quality.

Our establishment in Switzerland was supported by the Swiss Business Hub to whom we asked for help in December 2014 for an establishment in Basel, Switzerland in January 2015. In terms of timing, we succeeded to respect it with the support of the Swiss Business Hub and BaselArea which helped us in this process. Nowadays, the CCIFS (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Suisse) helps us with our Swiss operations in the field of networking and development.

The efficiency and simplicity of the relationship with the Swiss Business Hub were particularly appreciated, as well as the availability of its various contributors. »

*Today there are five Business Units with the training center, Soladis Institute.

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Soladis GmbH - Switzerland
Lange Gasse 15
CH-4052 Basel
Phone: +41(0)

Soladis - France
6-8 rue Bellecombe
Tél: +33(0)

Soladis Inc. - USA
185 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Unit 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1100
Phone: (+1)347.417.4008

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