SOLADIS opens its swiss subsidiary SOLADIS GmbH

Soladis expands and consolidates its implication in the Swiss market with the creation of Soladis GmbH, its Swiss Affiliate based in Basel. With the creation of this agency comes a dedicated scientific team able to intervene on our clients’ projects with the required proximity.


The creation of Soladis GmbH has been motivated by the close relationships with our Swiss partners and desire of partnership expansion.


Basel Area, in charge of the economic valorization of the Basel region, has warmly welcome us and supported us in our establishment. Basel Area has introduced us to various partners, including ATAG 1917, which has efficiently supported us in our administrative and regulatory actions.


We are glad of the nice encounters made, partnerships already in place, and upcoming ones.


If you are around in Basel, do not hesitate to let us know !

Soladis Group

Soladis GmbH - Switzerland
Lange Gasse 15
CH-4052 Basel
Phone: +41(0)

Soladis - France
6-8 rue Bellecombe
Tél: +33(0)

Soladis Inc. - USA
185 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Unit 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1100
Phone: (+1)347.417.4008

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